Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's just about time for me to bid you all adieu and check out. Mentally, I've already checked out, I'm gone baby gone. My two week English Winter Camp is finally wrapping up, oh boy what a doozy that's been-- no heat, sometimes no electricity, played Marco Polo for 45 minutes one day, cooked some fine American delicacies like Rice Krispie treats, Grilled Cheese and Banana pancakes all in all it's been a long two weeks. But enough with that, on to the good stuff oh it's so so very good.

Seeing as it's winter vacation (like our summer vacation) aren't we all entitled to a little sun and sand? Ko Phi Phi might not be the Jersey Shore, but it'll do. About 10 or so of us are headed for a three week tour de force through the far east. So, lets see what's on tap... Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam. Oh yeah.

This marathon kicks off in Malaysia and to give you an idea of how tough my life is going to be for the next three weeks, I'm including pictures.

We'll explore Kuala Lumpur for a few days then head further north to Penang. Of the three countries I'm most excited to see Malaysia, I've read that it's like Thailand 15 maybe even 20 years ago before it got bulldozed by backpackers and the tourism machine. So here's hoping Malaysia is little rougher round the edges and all the better for it.

Then we'll bounce over to Phuket, Thailand and wind down on a little beach called Ko Phi Phi. I just finished reading the awesome The Beach by Alex Garland which was made into a not so awesome movie staring Leonardo DiCaprio. Parts of the movie were filmed in Ko Phi Phi and in Bangkok where I'll also be going.

And we'll finish up in Vietnam-- Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Can Tho and Phu Quoc Island.

So that about does it folks. I'll be back in Korea on February 6th with a suntan, freckles, slightly blonder hair, plenty of knick-knacks from my journeys and oodles of pictures and stories to satiate you with.
Until then--