Thursday, July 28, 2011


It's that time again. My friends and I are leaving for Indonesia tonight for a 2 week holiday (I am trying desperately to inject "holiday" into the American lexicon, it sounds so much more luxurious). We will visit Jakarta first (where I will celebrate my 23rd birthday eeeee) and progress through the archipelago finally ending in Bali. I remember a time when a certain little girl used to throw hissy fits whenever she wasn't able to celebrate her birthday at home. This little girl's mother will never letter her forget how awful, terrible and miserable this little girl had it being able to spend her birthday on an island or down the shore. Can you imagine? If only that little girl could see how lucky she was to celebrate the turning of another year in such wonderful far off places. Mmmph mmph mmph.

I'll try and drop a line when I can, but internet might be scarce (I'd actually prefer that way). I've packed some interesting literature (White Noise, Rabbit, Run, and The Book Thief) and plenty of sunscreen. We get back to Korea on the 15th. After I get settled I'll be sure to update you all on the food, sights and beauty of Indonesia.

Selamat tinggal,


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  1. hey justine. just want to say happy birthday. can wait to see you in September. Love the Koning's.